What My Clients Have to Say

Stephanie is an invaluable resource for all my queries and concerns related to nutrition and dietary health.  She takes such an individual approach to nutrition – taking the time to understand personal eating habits, food preferences, and lifestyle issues. The program she developed for me was both prescriptive to my individual needs, but also easy to follow and unintimidating.  I feel the nutritional standards of my whole family have been elevated!  Thank you Steph – I highly recommend a consultation to anyone looking to improve their diet or address specific concerns! 

As a food allergy sufferer who has issues with my weight, Stephanie’s clear and competent advice has been invaluable. She has helped me understand how to live more healthily, control my portion sizes and recommended great supplements to support my body too. Since following Stephanie’s advice I’ve lost 5kgs and I don’t feel like I’ve had to deprive myself at all in the process.

I was reluctant to seek out a nutritionist as I had a (preconceived) notion that they all just wanted to `put you on a diet` and essentially `fat shame` you. I found the whole idea very intimidating but knowing Stephanie, they way in which she takes such good care of others and herself, I decided to get in touch. From the moment we sat down to discuss my needs, I was impressed. Stephanie instantly makes you feel at ease and not judged as she listens to what is bothering you and what you wish to achieve. After establishing a detailed plan for how to meet those needs, Stephanie would repeatedly check in with me afterwards; making sure that all was going well and if any other questions had come up. I cannot recommend her highly enough. She is incredibly professional, approachable and kind. What she advises for her clients she practises herself without it ever feeling like a punishment – just healthier lifestyle choices which make a huge difference! Thank you Stephanie.

I have tried to lose weight for a number of years with many nutritionists, however, I was never successful as I would always put the weight I lost back on and then some.  With Stephanie’s expert knowledge and guidance, I have achieved the impossible!  I lost 12kg over a period of time, and most importantly, without feeling hungry.  Thank you Stephanie!

I have struggled with disordered eating for years. Last year, I became quite ill and suffered from multiple infections, one after the other, which really worried me.  So a friend recommended I see Stephanie.  For the first time in my life, I felt like I had been listened to! Stephanie is patient and thorough and through some work (with a bit more to do), she has been able to make me see the importance of proper nourishment.  I no longer fear food the way I used to and am starting to feel stronger and healthier than I have in years! I can’t recommend Stephanie highly enough.

I worked with Stephanie to try and help manage my thyroid (autoimmune) issues and inflammation following shingles in my eye a number of years ago. Stephanie’s advice has helped me make some relatively small changes that have made a big difference to the way I feel and to the symptoms of the two chronic issues I manage day to day. What I particularly liked about Stephanie’s approach was her pragmatism – she clearly explained what tests were available to me, and what she would recommend (i.e. not a blanket on-size-fits-all approach) and she did not have me taking unnecessary tests. She also demonstrates a clear, evidence based approach and referred a number of times to scientific research as regards certain supplements. Her advice on changes to my diet was also extremely realistic (I am a busy working parent) and straightforward. I also found Stephanie explained concepts clearly so I could understand them, something I have not always found when looking for nutritional advice in the past! Overall, I feel a lot better having made the changes Stephanie has advised and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to others